Snoopy and Pumpkin                


New Learning

  • Letter of the Week: Cc & Ll
  • Segment a word into onset and rime.  Example: Luis = /L/ /uis/ 
  •  Deleting initial sound.  "Say cat, now say cat without the /c/."  "at"
  • Read Alouds:  Mice Squeak, We Speak  &  Amelia's Show and Tell Fiesta
  • Comprehension:  Understanding Characters
  • Nursery Rhyme of the Week:  "Little Miss Muffet”
  • Sight Words:  is, a, & eight
  • Science:  Exploring  the Five Senses through the Seasons:  ELM Model
  • Math: 
    • Contextual Sums and Minuends to 5
    • Counting to 60
    • Counting backwards from 10
    • Reviewing the numbers 1-10 and introduce the number word – eight

Student News

  • Oct. 23 -27:  Red Ribbon  Week
  • Thurs.,  Oct. 26thHealth Fair
  • Thurs., Nov. 2nd:  Harts Bluff Homecoming
  • Don't forget to please put your child's name on any sweater, coat or jacket that your child wears to school in case it gets lost.  Lunchboxes, too!