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New Learning

  • Building CCVC Words like flat, shop, than, etc.
  • Blending CVC (consonant vowel consonant).
  • Big Book: Pie in the Sky  and From Apple Tree to Store
  • Read AloudBread Comes to Life
  • Sight Words:  do, does, your, who, put, & play
  • Science:  Lorax, Save the Planet    
  • Math:
    • Continue 3-Dimensional Shapes
    • Counting to 120.
    • Counting backwards from 25.
    • Review the numbers 1-25.

​Student News

  • March 29th:  Kindergarten Field Trip to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas
  • Wed., March 28th:  Pizza Day for reading 100 (more) books!
  • Fri., March 30th:  Good Friday Holiday