Snoopy skating                


New Learning

  • Review Week
  • Blending words
  • Final sound
  • Read Alouds: The Gingerbread Baby
  • Comprehension:  Conclusions:  Monitor and Clarify
  • Sight Word Review
  • Writing:  Writing the sounds heard in the word.  
  • Social Studies:  Winter Celebrations Around the World:  ELM Model     
  • Math: 
    • Continue with Graphs and looking at Data
    • Counting to 100.
    • Counting backwards from 15.
    • Number review 120

Student News

  • Tues., Dec. 19th :  The Polar Express Pajama Day
    • Your child can wear pajamas with real shoes.  We will watch the movie and drink hot chocolate and eat popcorn. 
  • Wed., Dec. 20th
    • See attached note!
    • If you’d like to send favors, we have 14 children in our class. 
    • The children will be exchanging coloring books and a 24 pack of crayons. Please have your child place a tag (of some sort) with his/her name on it.  If your child is a boy, buy a coloring book for a boy.  If your child is a girl, please buy a coloring book for a girl.
  • Dec. 21- Jan. 5:  Christmas Holidays