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      My name is Susan Aulsbrook. I was born in Mt. Pleasant and have been here since I was in fifth grade.

     Ironically, I am an only child but I have three children and their names are Kellie (almost 21), Annie (15), and Thomas (13).  Annie just started her sophomore year and my oldest daughter is a student at NTCC.  My son wants to be a pilot someday. I love animals and have 2 Chiweenies named Elsie and Ranger. 

     Aftter going to college to persue another degree, I finally settled on teaching. The main reason is because I enjoy helping people and have a servant's heart.  I knew that I belonged somewhere I could use this gift.  At one time while I was attending college I was an Activity Director for a local nursing home. I enjoyed that immensely.

     Some things that I like to do when I'm not teaching are go to garage sales, read, attend church events, work in the yard, and travel when I can.  One year I even drove my chldren all the way to Canada!  To this day they still talk about that trip and seeing Niagra Falls.  Someday I would like to see the Holy Land.

         Thank for taking the time to read all about me.  Please feel free to let me know if I can assist you or your child.


  Ms.  Aulsbrook



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comment posted by Victoria on 09-18-2013
Hi mrs.aulsbrook you have a great life and your the best teacher ever.
comment posted by hi,aulsbrook on 09-18-2013
You have a great life and you are the best teacher