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Classroom Rewards

Procedures and Discipline for Mrs. Howard's Class

My students are able to earn Dojo Points on a reward program that can be used for prizes. For every three star punches they get on their cards, they get a dojo.  They also get points for things such as bringing homework by Friday and for excellent behavior. Homework passes are also used in my reward system. Each week the top 5 dojo point earners go in to a basket for a drawing.  Prizes are awesome. 

Students who do not bring homework will receive negative Dojo marks.

Any student who receives more than 3 negative Dojo points in a week will get a note or phone call home.


My students are required to come to class prepared and ready to learn. They must not bother other students or take away learning time from anyone else. They are also expected to show respect in the hallways and everywhere else on this campus.

The main rule that I have is RESPECT. We show each other respect and therefore we earn the respect of others. Privileges are earned through showing respect and good manners.

Cheating is not tolerated. Our brains get more efficient by being exercised.


Teacher Action

Step one: Teacher issues a verbal warning to student

Step two: Student loses a privilege such as recess time

Step three: Teacher notifies parents of student behavior

        Notifications will be documented.

        If unable to reach parents a note will be sent home.

Step four: Office referral-(parent will be notified)

Some high level offenses will be an immediate office referral such as destruction of property, continual disruption of learning time or physical aggression.

Student Handbook link click here.