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Grammar and Writing

tips and tools for anyone;


Let’s start with a review of how to write a complete sentence.


  2. VERB

The jingles are a great way to memorize the parts of speech and their jobs. We use this method daily and the students have asked me to put these on here so that they can practice them at home.


Sentence Jingle

A sentence, sentence, sentence

Is complete, complete, complete

When 5 simple rules

It meets, meets, meets.

It has a subject, subject, subject

And a verb, verb, verb

It makes sense, sense, sense

With every word, word, word.

Add a capital letter, letter

And an end mark, mark.

Now we're finished and aren't we smart!

Now our sentence has all its parts.


Suject<< Verb<< com-plete sense<<<

Capital letter, and an end mark too.

That's what a sentence is all about!


Complete Subject/Complete Predicate

Noun Jingle

This little noun,

Floating around,

Names a person, place, or thing.

With a knick knack, paddy wack,

These are English rules.

Isn't language fun and cool?


Adverb Jingle

An adverb modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb.

An adverb asks: How? When? Where?

To find an adverb: Go, Ask, Get.

Go Where? To a verb, adjective, or another adverb.

Ask what? How? When? Where?

Get what? AN ADVERB!

Adjective Jingle

An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun.

An adjective ask: What kind? Which one? How many?

To find an adjective: GO, Ask, Get.

Go where? To a noun or pronoun.

Ask what? What kind? Which one? How many?

Get what? An adjective!


Preposition Flow


Preposition, preposition

Starting with an A.


Aboard, about, above

Across, after, against








Preposition, preposition

Starting with a B.


Before, behind, below

Beneath, beside, between


beyond, but, by




Preposition, preposition

Stating with a D.

Down (slow & long)




Preposition, preposition

don’t go away

go to the middle

And see what we say.

E-F-I and L-N-O

Except, for, from

In, inside, into


Near, of, off

On, out, outside



Preposition, preposition

Almost through

Start with a P and end with W.

Past, since, through

Throughout, to, toward

Under, underneath

Until, up, upon

With, within, without





Preposition, preposition

Easy as can be.

We’re all finish and aren’t you pleased.

We’ve just recited all 49 of these!!


Jingle 9: Pronoun

This little pronoun,

Floating around,

Takes the place of a little old noun.

With a knick knack, paddy wack,

These are English rules.

Isn't language fun and cool?



Jingle 10: Subject Pronoun

There are seven subject pronouns

That are easy as can be:

I and we,                   (clap twice)

He and she,              (clap twice)

It and they and you.   (clap three)



Jingle 11: Possessive Pronoun

There are seven possessive pronouns That are easy as can be:

My and our,              (clap twice)

His and her,              (clap twice)

Its and their and your.(clap three)




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