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Book Reports


Reading logs can be found here.

Reading Log with weekend

Reading Log with Writing

Step Book Directions                                     


  1.  Take the 3 sheets of paper and stagger them.  Using white paper is best as your pictures and words show up better.

I used color construction paper for contrast on the display                               2.  Fold up the bottom side as shown.

 1                                                    2

  1. Fold over the entire bottom side to look like a staircase.                    4.  Staple the top edge to keep it together.

3                                                             4



Book Report Information Page

Writing the book reports will help your child think critically about what they have read and gives them the opportunity to practice a form of expository writing.  Both of these skills are state tested in 4th grade.  Please help encourage your child to do their best work on these reports.  Our goal is that each child will have at least 60 AR points by the end of the year.  The student with the most AR points will be awarded a prize!

They can be completed in 5 easy steps:

1.  Read a book and take an AR test on that book.

2.  Fill out the Book Report Challenge sheet and have a parent sign it.

3.  Get three sheets of white paper, cut them in half, and begin the steps of the Book on Book process.

4.  Illustrate your pages and do the front cover.  Remember to add your AR grade on this book on the inside back cover for me.

5.  Build the foldable out of 2 pieces of construction paper like we have gone over in class.  (See example below.)

  Book Report Challenge/prewriting for Book on Book      

Book on Book Report

Scoring guide for reports

Late reports will not be scored above a 70.