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Superhero Mystery Investigation


Challenge Briefing:  Superhero Mystery Investigation

This just in:

Many published authors are young children and your teacher believes that some of you could be published authors also.  To be a successful author we need resources and tools to keep the interest of our readers.  One of the tools young authors use is a dictionary.    

Novel link for this project   



Team Activity 1 (4.2A)

Stop the press!  Wow this is amazing!  How are these kids getting the “power” to write these marvelous stories that people around the world are reading?

 Driving Question:  How can the study of Latin and Greek roots help us to solve the mystery as to which Superhero is giving these kids "super powers"?

Use the Latin and Greek chart here to create a name for the SUPERHERO that could be giving these kids powers that adults don’t even have. (Each group will create 1 superhero)


Put your heads together and let’s investigate who could be behind this empowerment for kids.  

(write this on your own paper)

Superhero Name______________

Root used in name____________


Describe and create an illustration of how and why this hero’s root word could be used in their name and what powers they are giving these kids.  Define the superhero’s strengths and weaknesses.

Activity 2 (4.2E, 4.11D)

Create a comic strip about your Superhero.  Remember every Superhero has a villain and sometimes a sidekick.  Get them in the short comic strip as well.  Make sure the strength and weakness of your hero shows up in your comic strip as well.  Highlight the Latin or Greek roots used.  Don’t forget to use the dictionary as needed to complete the task.


Here is your Learner Tracking Tool for this investigation

 4.2.C  Students will complete analogies using knowledge of antonyms and synonyms (e.g., boy:girl as male:____ or girl:woman as boy:_____)

synonyms and antonyms video

 4.2.E   Students will use a dictionary or glossary to determine the meanings, syllabication, and pronunciation of unknown words.

thesaurus video

 4.11.D  Students will use multiple text features (e.g., guide words, topic and concluding sentences) to gain an overview of the contents of text and to locate information

Greek and Latin Roots (link for root meanings and examples)

Games for skill practice/homework:)