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ALL STATIONS WILL BE NEEDED TO BE COMPLETED ON MONDAY, APRIL 9th.  After the 9th grades for stations will be a 70 when completed.  The last day to make-up stations is Monday, April 16th

Stations Students will be visiting to review TEKS for STAAR
Jeopardy Reading Review  New

Types of Irony:
  1) Situational Irony Video
  2) Verbal Irony Video
  3) Dramatic Irony Video 
   Types of Irony Practice Passage  

Internal & External Conflict
  Conflict Video #1
 Conflict Video #2
  The Stone by Lloyd Alexander

Mood and Tone: Informational Video
Four Types of Conflict
Genres of Fiction
Figurative Language & Card Sort
Figurative Language Stories
Elements of Plot Informational Video
Types of Irony
Matching Terms 
Theme (Flocabulary Assignment)
Author’s Purpose
Faulty Reasoning-Fallacies (Fact, Opinion, Commonplace Assertion)  Prezi