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Texas Poetry Challenge


Your driving question is: How can we use different forms of poetry to share our knowledge of the historic landmarks, explorers, and symbols of the great state of Texas?


Project Requirements:

     *   (4.16) Each student will research the symbols and landmarks in Texas.

  • (4.15)(19.D&E) Create and publish a poem that displays your knowledge using a specific poetic form.
  • (4.4) (4.8) Poem must convey sensory details and a simile or metaphor while using the conventions of poetry like rhyme, meter, and patterns of verse.
  • (4.2D) One idiom must be used correctly in the poem.
  • Each student will create an illustration to accompany the poem


Each group will turn in a collection of poems to be added to the book three weeks from now. Thank you for your help with this project.


Mrs. Howard





Assigned Research Questions

Texas State Song

Symbols of Texas/Landmarks

The Alamo

Mission San Jose

Tower of the Americas

Texas State Capitol




**Students will show understanding, make inferences, and draw conclusions about an authors use of figurative language (similes, metaphors, and idioms) and sensory language  Poetry questions link


Similes and Metaphors---Holiday DIY answer sheet link
Idioms Review

**Teams will read poetry, show understanding, making inferences, and drawing conclusions about the structure and elements (e.g., rhyme, meter, stanzas, line breaks)and relate to form (e.g., lyrical poetry, free verse) to find examples of inferencing.

What is Poetry?

Elements of Poetry Slide Show

Types of Poetry Link

Texas our Texas Song