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A Life's Journey Through Poetry 2018

A Life’s Journey Through Poetry

Many people who face hardships grow from them, and then are wildly successful anyway. People like Oprah Winfrey, who was fired from her job as a television reporter to later become one of the most powerful female voices on television. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was a college dropout who was fired from his own company only to return and create the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, which are some of the most innovative and world-changing inventions of our time.

I say this because everyone can be proud of something. We all face hardships in our lives. We all overcome the bad times. We are all still here even though life isn't easy. I want you to show others what has made you who you are today and your dreams for the future.

You will create your poetry collection showcasing who you are.  

Driving Question: How does writing poetry capture the places we've been, the places we are, and the places we're going?

Project Requirements:
Students review and identify characteristics of poetry including sound effects, figurative language, and graphic elements. Students collect different poems centered on a selected theme or topic and compare the different collected forms of poetry by looking at the characteristics related to the purpose of each form.  Students will also write original poems on their selected theme/topic and include poetic techniques, figurative language, and graphic elements. 

Cross-Curricular: Students will apply their knowledge of figurative language to the slogan for the “smart” tee in science. (A shirt that takes important academic knowledge and spins it to create a clever message.)

Poetry Stations:
Station #1-Rhyme Scheme
Station #2- Analyzing Poetry Collection 3-figurative language
Station #3- Analyzing Poetry Collection 1-sound devices
Station #4- “Still I Rise” Maya Angelou- analyze for literary devices
Station #5- Comparing Literary Works: Poetry and Prose 
Station #6- Understanding Poetry-Texas
Station #8- Poetry Forms

Memorization of “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost: The poem needs to be recited or written from memory by February 19th.