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The Diary of Anne Frank Journal Assignment- Due Tuesday, November 28, 2017.


The essayist Roger Rosenblatt is editor at large of Time Inc. He is the author of Children of War,

“The reason for her immortality was basically literary. She was an extraordinarily good writer, for any age, and the quality of her work seemed a direct result of a ruthlessly honest disposition. Anne's deep effect on readers comes from her being a normal, if gifted, teenager...

Indeed, they love her, which is to say they love the book. In her diary she showed the world not only how fine a person she was, but also how necessary it is to come to terms with one's own moral being, even — perhaps especially — when the context is horror. The diary suggests that the story of oneself is all that we have, and that it is worth a life to get it right.

It was interesting that the Franks' secret annex was concealed by a bookcase that swung away from an opening where steps led up to a hidden door. For a while, Anne was protected by books, and then the Nazis pushed them aside to get at a young girl. First you kill the books; then you kill the children. What they could not know is that she had already escaped. “


You will create your own journal. For eight days you will journal about your daily activites AND include any 8 of the 12 prompts below. Each entry must be at least 7 sentences . Each entry must be done on a different day with the date in the upper right hand corner. Each entry must be on a different page. Your “diary” may be bound with string, in a spiral or folder, stapled, etc.

Must be done in ink or pencil. Entries must begin “Dear Diary,” or “Dear _____”    **EXTRA POINTS for pictures/illustrations

You will be graded on effort and writing in conventions. Write what you feel. Write what you must! I will not grade you on “right” or “wrong.” I am looking for you to experience the joys of self-writing and expression.


  1. Sometimes when I am alone….
  2. Adults don’t seem to understand…
  3. When I am with my friends, I enjoy…
  4. I wish people would know that I…
  5. When I get older, I want to live _____________ and be a __________________….
  6. I get frustrated when people…
  7. I know that I have a bad side when…..I know I have a good side when……
  8. Something that I don’t understand about the world is…
  9. Someone that I really love is…..
  10. If I am having a bad day, one thing that can help me is….
  11. Sometimes I wish that I could…
  12. When I am gone, I hope that people remember that I……

This assignment is due Tuesday, November 28th.



RUBRIC- Do you have…

8 entries

  • Each entry has 7 sentences (24 points)
  • Each entry has a salutation (20 points)
  • Each entry is dated (20 points)
  • Each entry contains daily activites AND one of the prompts (20 points)
  • Each entry has correctness of writing (16 points)
    • Captial letters and ending punctuation
    • Proper nouns are capitalized
    • Commas are used correctly in the date and in the salutation