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Rational Numbers and Integers Operations

Unit 2 & 4 

Rational Numbers and Integers Operations

Our goal this year is to connect our math to everyday life and situations.  This unit focuses on a quick study of ordering fractions, decimals, and integers and operations that include these forms.  Integers can be used to describe the value of many things in the real world. The height of a mountain in feet may be a very great integer while the temperature in degrees Celsius at the top of that mountain may be a negative integer.  Fractions and decimals represents parts of an amount. 

You are on a mission to find areas of our everyday life where we see examples of ways that we can use our ordering fractions, decimal, and integers project to show how we extend that information to operations with these rational numbers.  


We will be using our examples to add these project requirements to our real world examples:


When will we use integer operations in a real situation?


(6.2B) We will identify a number, its opposite, and its absolute value. (Where did you notice these?)

(6.3C) We will represent integer operations with concrete models and connect the actions with the models to standardized algorithms. (pictures, diagrams, etc...)

(6.3D) We will add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers fluently. (show examples and explain)


Review Resources

Sea of Zeros

Integer Intro Video

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Subtracting Integers (Khan Academy)

Subtracting Integers (Math Club)

multiplying and dividing integers (math club)

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