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Bright Idea- My students and I love “thinglink” it’s and interactive page that allows me to attach links. Students will find all of their research in one convinent spot. 

Digital Media  My students have access to my DIY’s digitally, and there are links to BrainPOP and Flocabulary that allows them to research what is needed to complete the DIY’s.

Video Design My students used Clips the create a commercial to advertise for our slime product.

Digital Classroom My students can access materials needed from my webpage in order to complete research questions.

Digital QuizEducational Galaxy is a great tool for not just me, but help my students practice standards they need to be successful for Fifth Grade. Also, what teacher doesn’t love an app. that grades test & assignments?

Google I use Google form in class for a lot of my progress checks, and post them into Google classroom for the kids to access the link to the form.

Share the love  Mrs. Hamblin, our full-time technology sub. is awesome. She always has a smile on her face, and all the kids just love her. I caught her at the soda machine and wipped out a $1.50 and bought that sweet lady a “Diet Dr. Pepper”. 

Break-Out BOX!!!   My intervention was able to try out a “fiction” break-out box for me. They had a blast, and the suspense was real!!



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