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My Digital Badges


Share the Love… A huge thanks to our superintendent, Bobby Rice, for allowing the bilingual teachers to attend this year’s Texas Association for Bilingual Educators (TABE) conference in Dallas, Texas. It was wonderful to not only get to see the exhibits and attend the various conferences, but to also just spend time together and get to know one another on a deeper level. This is team building at it’s best. Thank you, Dr. Rice!!

















Bright Ideas… In my Language Arts classroom, students use the Whooo’s Reading website to log their books. They enjoy giving reviews and earning new clothes and such for their Owl avatars.
















Digital Media… when we are starting a new topic in Social Studies, the kids enjoy Flocabulary and the Hip-Hop tunes that are instructional while fun.

Breakout EDU… this year we will be trying something new (to me). We will be doing breakout boxes for our Revolutionary war unit. I will be posting pics when we get to this unit.

Digital Classroom… In our classroom, students have access to each teacher’s Google Classroom. They are able to access DIYs and other resources for their classes no matter where they are.

















Library... Hey guys! Check out my Destiny list of great books. Some are specifically for Social Studies, others are in Spanish, and a few are just traditional literature that I read as a child and loved!

Digital Quiz… This is probably my student’s favorite thing to do. We take our quizzes on quizizz and watch the scoreboard.

Video Design… Out of their own inspiration, one of my students decided to interview other classmates about what happened to Anne Hutchinson. Gotta love these creative minds!

Google Badge…. I LOVE using Google Docs with my students, especially with their writing projects. I can make notes directly on their work and the love seeing me do this in REAL TIME. If you haven’t used Google Docs before, you should definately give it a try!