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My Digital Badges

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Bright Ideas- Scratch Jr. is an awesome tool for the students to demonstrate their knowledge while practicing computational thinking skills and learning to code! One of my students coded a line to demonstrate one of the ways light can behave when it strikes a surface (reflection).

Digital Classroom- Students access our challenge brief, standard specifications, vocabulary, weekly agendas, and DIYs from a project board on our website. From this link, they also have access to our unit calendars. Not only does this allow the students to have access to our material 24/7, but is also allows parents to see what we are doing and know what to help them with at home. 

Digital Media- Just like Scratch Jr., Scratch MIT is a great tool for students test and demonstrate their knowledge of certain concepts while having to go through the computational thinking skills and practicing code. What is even better about Scratch is that you can code Makey-Makeys and Raspberri Pis! Here are some kids testing their knowledge about insulators and conductors coding the Makey-Makey to play music.

Digital Quizzes- We love EducationGalaxy for progress checks! Not only does it have the oral admin. options, but the students can still do strategies!

Library Badge- Destiny List: Books that would be great for 5th graders reviewing or learning new information!

Google Badge- Google slides is a great way to create and share project boards on your webpage! You can have active links that take you directly to each resource or assignment! I also use Google docs for my weekly agenda and DIYs and insert a sharable link on my project board for the students and parents to access. Google Forms is a great tool for end of the unit assessments! Not only does it automatically grade it, but it also analysis the responses and you can easily see which questions were missed the most and need re-taught. 

Breakout!- Breakout! activities are great for review. Not only do they require computational thinking and growth mindset, but they also encourage collaboration. Amazingly enough, the team that won was the team that worked the best together, did not spend time arguing over insufficient things, respected each others’ opinions, and were supportive of each other. It’s funny how that works! Congrats to first period’s winning team, Alexandra Diaz, Braydon Craddock, and Kamen Dunn!

Video Design- FlipGrid is a great resource for students who struggle to express their selves on paper! 

Share the Good- A great huge thank you to Nurse Blanca! We love you and all that you do. Thank you for loving our kids, kissing away all of the boo-boos, and making countless bags of ice.

Trista Hinton

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