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4th Science and Social Studies


The Republic of Texas Power Point

TREATY-formal agreement between two governments
ALAMO-A Mexican mission that was taken over by the Texans
DICTATOR-leader of a country that rules with absolute power
CONSTITUTION-document outlining the laws and principles of a country or
REVOLUTION-an overthrow trying to change the way a country is governed
CONVENTION-a formal meeting of representatives of government
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE-Document stating that Texas was its own
TREATY OF VELASCO-The agreement that ended the Texas Revolution
RUNAWAY SCRAPE-When Texans ran away because Santa Anna was
marching his army across Texas
COME AND TAKE IT-What Texans had to say to Mexico about a cannon they
SAN JACINTO-The place of the last battle of the Texas Revolution
GOLIAD-The city where a massacre took place
GONZALES-The place of the first battle of the Texas Revolution
SIESTA-Spanish for nap, what the Mexican army was doing when Sam
Houston found them
SIEGE-surrounding and attacking people