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7th Grade Math HB @Home

Clientmoji Once A Week Required Zoom meeting is every Monday at 11:15 AM for Math! The link has                                                                     been emailed to you, if you don’t see the link please email me 


ONLINE LEARNERS: Join my google classroom This is where everything is, attendance and your work for each day that I “see” you! You should have been invited already but if you are not please email me as soon as you see this

Virtual School Learning Requirements 

HB at Home Parent and Student Roles and Responsibilities 


Daily Attendace is MANDATORY for EVERY class period! Go into your google classroom and click the link for daily check-in! 

Blue Day(Monday/Wednesday)(sometimes Friday) Gold Day(Tuesday/Thursday)(sometimes Friday)
1st Period: 1st Period:
3rd Period: 3rd Period:


HB at Home

 Example Daily Plan- 7th Grade



45 minutes


45 minutes


30 minutes


45 minutes

Social Studies

45 minutes

P.E. / athletics

45 minutes

Elective 1

45 minutes

Elective 2

45 minutes