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Project Based Learning












What Is It?

Project Based Learning is an authentic approach to learning that will get kids out of their seat and comfort zones. Students will apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout their content classes in order to solve real-world problems. Through the Project Based Learning program your child will learn valuable skills they will need now and in the future including critical thinking, communication, growth mindset, autonomy, creativity, and professional ethics.

How It Works

  • Students will work together as a class to think about problems they would like to address in their classes, communities, school, and world. 

  • Students will work together as teams to find ways to address these problems by practicing the skills they have been taught in their other classes (especially math, reading, and writing)

  • Students will work with their teachers in workshops and independent practice opportunities called DIYs to continue to improve on these skills. 

  • This class will help fill gaps students have in math and reading while pushing students who have already mastered standards to a higher level of learning.


Spanish Version: Copy of PBL handout



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