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Snow Week Feb. 16-19


Here is the assignments for the week.

Check in through my email or Class Tag before 11:00 daily & have assignments turned in before 7:00 pm (I know sopme parents are still working).

If you need anything, let me know & I will do my best to help.

Stay safe & warm.


Snow Week Assignments Feb. 16-19 2021 (1).pdf


* Read a book and draw your favorite part of it.
* Write about how you felt when you first saw the snow.

Use your 5 senses to describe & don't forget to use 7-UP

* Make something following directions and send me a

pictures from the beginning to the end.


* Read a book and write about the characters and

setting of the book.

* Write about your snow day? What did you do? Who
did you do it with? What time of the day or night was it? Where
were you? (Use 7-UP sentences)

* Make something using a recipe. Tell me how you did

it and take pictures from the Beginning, Middle and End.

Thursday---- * Read something out loud to your stuffed animals,
your dolls or action figures, you can even read out loud to your pet.
Write what you read include the author and also who you read to.
* Write about when you played in the snow. Did you
make snow angels or a snowman? Did you color the snow? How
did you do that? Who played with you? Was it fun? What did you do
when you were done playing in the snow?
* Make a schedule for the day.

What time do you wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast and
start your school activities. What time do you eat lunch and
dinner? What time do you shower and get ready for bed? Do you
have chores to do that can be included in your schedule?

Friday----- *Read 3 things that are not books. What 3 things did
you read? Why did you choose these things?

* Write about what it was like to be home all week for a

snow day in Texas! Did you like it? Why?
Did you not like it? Why not?
Remember to use 7-UP sentences.

* I am needing to try new things.... Can you help me?
Make a recipe card. What do you like to eat or make? Write the
recipe & directions down for me. Write the ingredients down and
how to make it. Look at recipe cards or online to find an example.



Stay safe & warm.