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Art- Mrs. Debbie Robinson

Welcome to the Harts Bluff art webpage. Art is part of the "enrichment" team rotation classes for grades K-5. Students in grades 6-8 can choose art as an elective class.

Art students learn about art elements, art principles, art media and techniques, artists, and art history. Our projects provide opportunities for both creativity and critical thinking. The students in grades 5-8 have opportunities to use their iPads to support our projects.

The 2017-2018 school year was a great success. Our students won contests, competed in UIL, and had a terrific art show at Northeast Community College. This year we began a journey through time by studying art history. From kindergarten through eighth grade, students began to understand that mankind has always used art to record events, beliefs, and feelings. Each time travel stop was introduced with an intriguing video presentation before we tried our hands at creating time period art. We virtually toured the prehistoric cave at Lascaux, France, and made a hallway cave of prehistoric animal art. We watched the discovery of King Tut’s tomb and then made life-sized sarcophagi, golden masks, and cartouches. Next, we visited the Parthenon. We saw how this amazing Greek architectural wonder fared throughout time. The students drew charcoal Parthenons in two-point perspective, learned the Greek Orders, and created original Greek pottery. Finally, we manged to get to the Roman empire and viewed a tragic representation of the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The students were amazed by the tragedy at Pompeii. They made the most spectacular volcano collages, capturing the power and violence of an eruption, as well as the beauty of nature. Next year we will continue with art history II. Medieval time will launch another journey through art history.

Our students work hard and have a lot of fun. Come and see what they can do.

A note to parents:  beginning with the January report card, the junior high students will receive a single grade for participation. Students are graded on their work ethic, attitude, and completion of a minimum amount of work. The students are not graded on their ability. I want to encourage each student to explore his or her creativity without feeling competitive or inadequate. Art is an individual expression of self. I hope each student can simply enjoy art.