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Sherri Howard



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 Welcome to 6th grade Mathematics


Teacher:  Sherri Howard

Class:  6th grade Math


Outline of Classroom Learning Procedures and Expectations:

Procedures include but are not limited to….

*Students will complete a bell ringer daily in class.

*Pencils need to be sharpened before students began working on the daily bell ringer.

*Students will be creating a digital word wall in class using Google Slides.  The digital word wall will continue to grow throughout the school year as we add new vocabulary that relates to the content you are learning.

*Students will take notes during class in our math interactive notebook or on Chromebook using Google Docs, Slides, etc.


Expectations include but are not limited to...

*Chromebooks need to be charged each day before arriving at school.  Chromebooks will only be used when the teacher tells students to use them for classwork.  Otherwise, Chromebooks need to be closed. All chargers must stay at your home.

*Notes need to be copied in your math interactive notebook and or Chromebook.  You are responsible for bringing your Math interactive notebook and Chromebook to class everyday.  

*Students are responsible for bringing classroom supplies and other materials needed to complete classroom assignments, projects, tests, etc.  Supplies and materials include, but are not limited to, pencils, notebooks, Chromebooks, etc.

*Students are expected to be respectful to others at all times.  

*Students are expected to keep our learning environment clean and clean up any mess that they create.

*Digital Citizenship must be completed when chromebooks are handed out.

 *Please have your parents sign up for Class Tag for classroom news and updates.

WIN - HBISD implements WIN time for every 6th grade student.  Every student has different needs to be met during this time. Some students may be working in small groups, larger groups, or independently during this time.  


Snacks - Students will be allowed to eat snacks in class.  However, the snacks need to be healthy snacks and not filled with an abundance of sugar.  Some snacks ideas include, but are not limited to, are Pretzels, Goldfish crackers/Cheez-It crackers, Graham Crackers, Vanilla Wafers, Dry Plain Cheerios, Animal Crackers, Raisins, Baby Carrots. Students may bring water but not sugary drinks.


*Drinks-only water is allowed.



This document includes classroom learning procedures and expectations that are subject to change and may be modified if and when the teacher feels it is necessary.   This document does not include all classroom behavioral expectations. There will be additional information distributed to students in a separate document which includes rules for “The Bridge.”


Harts Bluff ISD Grading Policy


1st-6th Grades


Purpose of grades

The primary purpose of grades it to provide a snapshot of student’s progress toward mastering learning goals.  Grades provide accurate, specific, and timely feedback to students, parents, and teachers in order to improve student performance.  


Daily Work Grades

Daily work grades can be taken from a number of resources including, but not limited to:

  • Daily practice

  • Class discussions

  • Classroom assignments

  • Classroom presentations

  • Homework

  • Quizzes

Students should be given at least one daily work grade per week resulting in a minimum of 9 daily work grades per grading period.  

Within three days of the receipt of a failing daily work grade, students may request an opportunity to improve their grade.  The type of opportunity (correction, redo, alternate assignment) is at the teacher’s discretion. Students will have no more than two opportunities to improve their grade. 


Summative Assessments (Tests)

Summative assessment is used after instruction to measure student growth related to standards and is given at a particular point to determine if a student has mastered the learning objective.

Students will take at least 3 tests per 9 week grading period.  All tests will be graded by the teacher. Peer grading/reviewing will not be used for summative assessment.

Within three days of the receipt of a failing test grade, students may request an opportunity to improve their grade.  Students will have no more than two opportunities to improve their grade.

Communicating with Parents

The electronic grade book is used for all grade reporting.  Teachers will enter grades at least once per week to ensure parents are able to view current grades in a timely manner.

For students in danger of failing, progress reports will be available to parents at the 3 week and 6 week grading period.









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