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                             HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! 

                      SEE YOU IN 5TH GRADE!!                                      


     Set high expectations for your child! 

     Please have your child read every night.  Readers are more successful in life and if you can read you can learn about anything of interest to you.  Help your child find a book of interest for them.   

Ask them questions about what they are reading when you cannot listen to them read.  Keeping up with AR testing on each book is a great way to exercise your brain.  I believe these quizes help students to think about what they are reading and boosts overall comprehension and test scores.

  See my Reading page for help! 

Want AR updates as soon as your child takes a test?  Go to education websites, from my home page, and click on Home Connect.  You will need your child’s username and password.  (They have these memorized.)

Also make sure that your child has their basic multiplication facts memorized.  They will be so much more successful in Math with this skill learned.



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