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Dear Parents/Guardians:

     With the beginning of a new school year approaching, we would like to inform you of a few changes during afternoon pickup.  All students will now be picked up at 3:35. Students will still continue to be picked up in the back parking lot, but we will now have two lines. There will be a line for the Elementary and a line for the Jr. High.  The students in grades K – 5 will continue to be picked up from the sidewalk running north and south behind The Bridge. Jr. High students will be picked up from the sidewalk running east and west in front of the cafeteria.


With these changes, there are a few things we would like to ask of our drivers. Please be aware Jr. High students could be crossing in front of your vehicles. Stay in your line until it is time for you to merge. Jr. High will load students up to the first crosswalk. (via diagram above)


    We are looking to make our pickup line more efficient but yet continue to be safe for our children.  We will have extra personnel working in the parking lot for the first few days.  We ask you to be patient while we transition to having two lines. Finally, please refrain from using your cell phone in the pickup line. This is for everyone’s safety.


    Wishing everyone a wonderful school year!




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