Second Nine Weeks

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  1. accelerate – verb – to speed up; go faster Image result for accelerate
  2. drowsy – adjective – to be sleepy Image result for drowsy
  3. sluggish – adjective – slow moving Related image
  4. haphazard – adjective – disorganized; disheveled Related image
  5. prank – noun – a trick or practical joke Image result for prankster
  6. desolate – adjective – isolated; deserted Related image
  7.  acquire – verb- to get or obtain Image result for acquire
  8. plead – verb-  to beg Image result for to beg
  9. hodgepodge – noun- a mixture; a jumble Image result for hodgepodge
  10. abundant – adjective- a large amount; more than enough Related image
  11.  jostle – verb- to bump or push Image result for jostle
  12. excel – verb- to do much better at something than others do Image result for to be the best
  13. persnickety – adjective-  fussy about the smallest details, picky Image result for persnickety definition
  14. amble – verb- to walk slowly and easily Image result for amble meaning
  15. astonish –verb- to surprise or amaze Image result for astonished meaning Related image
  16. novice – noun- a beginner; a new learner Image result for novice
  17. jaunt – noun- a short trip Related image
  18. conundrum – noun- a difficult problem Image result for conundrum