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Welcome to the Harts Bluff art webpage. Art is part of the "enrichment" team rotation classes for grades K-5. Students in grades 6-8 can choose art as an elective class.

Art students learn about art elements, art principles, art media and techniques, artists, and art history. Our projects provide opportunities for both creativity and critical thinking. The students in grades 5-8 have opportunities to use their iPads to support our projects.

The 2016-2017 school year was a great success. Our students won contests, competed in UIL, and had a terrific art show at Northeast Community College. The older students completed art journals for the first time along with numerous projects. Sixth grade art students completed a collaborative mural to go along with Mrs. Stovall’s teaching on Diego Rivera. They researched Diego Rivera murals and decided on patterning a mural after his mural called The Riches of California. They decided to call their mural The Riches of Harts Bluff. The mural, currently on display in the Harts Bluff cafeteria, shows Harts Bluff, past present and future, highlighting our school’s best offerings. We culminated our year with a trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Our students work hard and have a lot of fun. Come and see what they can do.

A note to parents:  beginning with the January report card, the junior high students will receive a single grade for participation. Students are graded on their work ethic, attitude, and completion of a minimum amount of work. The students are not graded on their ability. I want to encourage each student to explore his or her creativity without feeling competitive or inadequate. Art is an individual expression of self. I hope each student can simply enjoy art.