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       My name is Debbie Robinson, and I am the Harts Bluff art teacher.  After 25 years of teaching junior high language arts at Harts Bluff, I have really enjoyed the transition to art. The Harts Bluff students are very creative, and I am amazed at what they are able to do. When I hear "Can we stay here all day?," or when they bring me drawings from home, I know I'm doing something great. I firmly believe that students need the arts.

     During the school year we will create artworks using a variety of art media. In each project we will study the basic art elements and principles of design. Students will also learn art vocabulary, art history, and stories about the great masters of art.

     My goal is to have a fun class where every child can relax and express himself creatively.  I want each student to realize that everyone's work is equally good -- just different.  You can look forward to our spring art show when we showcase the students' artwork.