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       My name is Debbie Robinson, and I am the Harts Bluff elementary art teacher.  After 25 years of teaching junior high language arts at Harts Bluff, I have really enjoyed the transition to art. I have now been teaching art for 10 years. This year I will work solely with K-5. The Harts Bluff students are very creative, and I am amazed at what they are able to do. When I hear "Can we stay here all day?” or when they bring me drawings from home, I know I'm doing something great. I firmly believe that students need the arts.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will be more limited in our art supplies. Whether students are at school or at home, they will need to have their own art supplies. (See the supply list below, needed when your child has his art rotation.) Students at school will not be able to share school materials for their individual safety.

 In each project we will study the basic art elements and principles of design. Students will also learn art vocabulary, art history, and learn about many classic and contemporary artists.

     My goal is to have a fun class where every child can relax and express himself creatively.  I want each student to realize that everyone's work is equally good -- just different.  Hopefully you can look forward to a spring art show when we showcase the students' artwork.    



Dear Parents,


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our students will not be able to share the school art supplies. Each student in grades K-5 will need to have their own supplies when they have their 9 weeks rotation in art. This applies to both students at school and at home. I am trying to keep things simple and minimize the cost. Here is the list of things they will need for our lessons. If they already have some of these items, no need to buy them again.


Crayola Crayons – 24 count

Crayola Markers – 10 count, broad line, classic colors

1 Drawing Pad of 9x12 white paper

1 package of heavyweight construction paper in assorted colors




Glue stick

4 oz. white school glue

Black permanent marker (Sharpie) grades 2-5

Oil pastels (optional)



                                                LISTA DE SUMINISTRO DE ARTE 2020-2021

Queridos padres,


Debido a la pandemia Covid-19, nuestros estudiantes no podrán compartir los materiales de arte de la escuela. Cada estudiante en los grados K-5 tendrá que tener sus propios suministros cuando tenga su rotación de 9 semanas en el arte. Esto se aplica tanto a los estudiantes en la escuela como en el hogar. Estoy tratando de mantener las cosas simples y minimizar el costo. Aquí está la lista de cosas que necesitarán para nuestras lecciones. Si ya tienen algunos de estos artículos, no hay necesidad de comprarlos de nuevo.


Crayola Crayons – 24 count 

Crayola Markers – 10 count, línea ancha, colores clásicos 

1 Almohadilla de Dibujo de papel blanco 9x12 

1 paquete de papel de construcción de peso pesado en varios colores




Pegamento Stick 

4 oz.pegamento de la escuela blanca 

Marcador permanente negro (Sharpie) grados 2-5 

pasteles de aceite (opcional)