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Taryn‏ @taryn_dungan

#sharethelove small acts of kindness counts!!! Thanks @KristiLuckk I can’t wait to get my Dr. Pepper!!

Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk 1m1 minute ago

Banana Split Multplication Challenge starts Monday October 29th. It's the sweetest way ever to learn your multiplication facts! #rm210 #brightidea #sharethegood #hbisd #rewardthework


Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk Oct 18 …
My Homeroom tells you all about Albert Einstein and what they learned today in their science lesson. Check us out in their video they created.

Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk  25m25 minutes ago

Making my list of books in Destiny of Famous Scientist books. I know my students will love to read literature about how each shaped the way we live today. #learningaboutfamousscientist #rm210 #sharethegood #hbisd


Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk 33m33 minutes ago

Flocabulary is a must for learning multiplication. #digitalmedia #hbisd #sharethegood #rm210

Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk  



I love to use Education Galaxy as a Digital Quiz tool in my classroom. The students think they're playing a game, and it grades it all for me. Meanwhile it is all TEKS based and STAAR aligned. How perfect is that?! #rm210 #sharethegood #hbisd #digitalquiz

Google Drive, Google Files, Google Forms and Google Docs are a way of organizational life in the classroom! I cannot imagine using anything else! I love being able to share documents and have coworkers edit them in real time. 


Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk

We adore SeeSaw. It's like kid friendly educational Facebook. The students love to comment to each other and send me messages of their voices explaining math equations. It's just one way we are a #digitalclassroom #hbisd #rm210 #sharethegood





Kristi Luck‏ @KristiLuckk 7m7 minutes ago

Break out box time in class. I admit they're work, but a ton of fun. We rounded numbers to solve 5 task busting our friends Marco and Lyla out of the Robot War Video Game. #breakoutedu #hbisd #rm210 #sharethegood #2ndplacethisyear #lovetechnology




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