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Spelling List

 February 10 -21

*Remember all words must be written in cursive to be considered correct



  1. sum – the answer to an addition problem 
  2. difference – the answer to a subtraction problem
  3. product – the answer to a multiplication problem
  4. quotient – the answer to a division problem
  5. median – the center number in a series listed from least to greatest 
  6. mode – the number or numbers listed the most often in a series 
  7. range – the difference between the greatest and least number in a series 
  8. mean –  the average or central value of a series of numbers
  9. one quarter – also called one fourth; a value of 0.25
  10. one half – a value of 0.50
  11. three quarters – also called three fourths; a value of 0.75
  12. one third – a repeating decimal value of 0.3