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2nd Nine Weeks

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  1. dynamic – engergetic; forceful  Image result for energetic
  2. irate – angryImage result for irate  
  3. unique – unusual  Image result for unique   
  4.  wrath – great anger; rage; fury Image result for anger
  5. tranquil – calm; peaceful Image result for tranquil 
  6. substantial – great in amount, importance, or value  Image result for feast
  7.  accelerate – to speed up  Image result for accelerate
  8.  drowsy – sleepy  Related image
  9.  sluggish – slow in movement or action  Image result for sloth zootopia
  10. haphazard – disorganized; disheveled Image result for haphazard
  11. prank – a trick or practical joke Image result for prank
  12. desolate – isolated or deserted  Related image
  13. acquire – to get  Related image
  14. plead – to beg  Related image
  15. hodgepodge – a mixture or jumble Related image
  16. abundant – plentiful; substantial  Image result for abundant harvest
  17. jostle – to bump or push Related image
  18. excel – to do better than others; to out do Image result for lead in the race