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3rd Nine Weeks

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  1. astonish –  to surprise or amaze Image result for magician
  2. amble –  to walk slowly and easily Image result for walk sign
  3. persnickety – fussy; picky; difficult to please Image result for picky eater
  4. novice – a beginner  Image result for novice
  5. jaunt – a short trip or outing  Image result for jaunt
  6. conundrum – a difficult problem  Image result for conundrum meaning
  7. candid – honest; truthful  Image result for candid definition
  8. flaunt – to show off   Image result for flaunt definition
  9. compromise – to settle a disagreement; to meet halfway  Image result for compromise definition
  10. reluctant – unwilling; no desire to do so  Image result for reluctant
  11. feign – to pretend; to fake Image result for feign
  12. abhor – to hate  Image result for abhor
  13. adversary – an enemy or opponent  Image result for adversary
  14. immense – very large; huge; gigantic Image result for 7 foot cow
  15. bizarre – unusual; weird; strange Image result for bizarre food
  16.  ornate – fancy or showy Related image
  17. ponder – wonder; to think about deeply; to study Image result for ponder
  18. punctual – on time; prompt  Image result for on time