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Unit 3 Operations With Positive Fractions and Decimals

Unit 3/5 Fraction/Decimal Operations with Ratios and Rates

Everyone must go to the grocery store to buy food and supplies that keep our families healthy.  Each family has a budget that they must stay within when shopping for these items. 

Your group is planning a dinner for a family of 4 and you have a budget of $30.00 to spend.  You must purchase at least 5 items from the ads that you have been given.  Cut out each item you are purchasing and place it on the left side of your poster board.  Do the math on the right.  Did you spend all the money?  How much change did you receive?  What affected your decisions? Were there any fraction examples used? Be prepared to share your finding with the class.  

*Please round to the nearest tenths. 

Time frame:

15 minutes to discuss what you are going to prepare/look through grocery store advertisements and circle what you will need/discuss your reasoning.

10 minutes to cut and glue.

20 minutes to complete and discuss calculations.

20 Share with the class. 

(6.2E) We will extend representations for division to include fraction notation such as a/b represents the same number as a ÷ b where b ≠ 0.

(6.3A) We will recognize that dividing by a rational number and multiplying by its reciprocal result in equivalent values.

(6.3B) We will determine, with and without computation, whether a quantity is increased or decreased when multiplied by a fraction, including values greater than or less than one.

(6.3E) We will multiply and divide positive rational numbers fluently.

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