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AVID Online Learning

AVID Online Learning-Week 6

Click the Link above (AVID Online Learning Week 6) to go to the slides information.

I hope all of you are doing well.  It’s week six.  I miss seeing each of you in class.  If you have classmates numbers, let them know we ZOOM on Mondays at 2:00.  Remember, time management and organization will be key to helping you be successful.  I was able to get some of you your AVID T-Shirts.  I will deliver again this Friday or Saturday.  E-mail me your address and I will drop them off at your house.  

Schedule for week 6:

Mondays and WednesdaysIn Google Classroom you will find instructions for AVID Bingo.  This bingo game is  practice for WICOR strategies.  Last week you should have completed at least 1 if not two strategies.  This week you are to do two.  One on Monday and one on Tuesday.

Mondays and Wednesdays –  Complete if you haven’t finished it.  Follow the directions on the slide presentation titled “Smile On My Face”.  Assigned in Classroom.  This is only for those of you who haven’t completed it.

Tuesdays and Thursdays we will continue to do our Tutorials.  Obviously it is going to be modified.  Click link above and follow instructions for Tuesday and Thursday tutorials.

Friday –  Write a page reflection on this week’s experience!

ZOOM MEETING ON Monday  at 2:00.  Check classroom for ID and password.