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BulldogHarts Bluff’s Dual Language Program  


The Harts Bluff Independent School District’s Bilingual Education/ESL Programming supports language and cultural diversity. We believe each child comes to school with a set of unique experiences and skills that when shared with others, enrich the social, cultural, and educational environment of our classrooms, school, and communities.

HBISD Two-way Dual Language Program

Bilingual program designed to promote bilingualism, bi-literacy, bi-cultural awareness, and high academic achievement for our native-Spanish-speaking emergent bilinguals (EBs), and provide the opportunity for our native English-speaking students who are participating in the Two-Way Dual Language Program to learn Spanish. The Two-Way Dual Language Program provides instruction in both English and Spanish for an equal of 50% of instructional time in each language.

The goal

To develop bilingualism, biliteracy, and bicultural for both populations being served in the program with special attention given to EBs participating in the program. The core content curriculum remains the same whether presented in English or Spanish. Only the language of instruction changes in the delivery of the content.


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Norma Ramirez 

Bilingual Coordinator

903 577-1146