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Misty Clay

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Third Grade Math!

Important Dates:

Holidays:  Labor Day september 3rd and September 28th

Fall break: October 19th and 22nd

Thanksgiving Break: November 19th-23rd

Christmas Break: December 20th- January 4th

Break: February 15th and 18th

Spring Break: March 11th-15th

STAAR TEST: Sometime in May (usually the first week)


Harts Bluff Learning Model Creates:

Problem-solvers – able to define questions and problems, design investigations to gather data, collect and organize data, draw conclusions, and then apply understandings to new and novel situations.
Innovators– creatively use science, mathematics, and technology concepts and principles by applying them to the engineering design process.
Inventors– recognize the needs of the world and creatively design, test, redesign, and then implement solutions (engineering process).
Self-reliant – able to use initiative and self-motivation to set agendas, develop and gain
self-confidence, and work within time specified time frames.
Logical thinkers – able to apply rational and logical thought processes of science, mathematics, and engineering design to innovation and invention.
Technologically literate - understand and explain the nature of technology, develop the skills needed, and apply technology appropriately.


Misty Clay

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