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Whitney Rockwell

                  Welcome to 7th grade Math

                  2019 - 2020

       Have a great summer vacation!

      First day of school is August 21, 2019                                    

Digital Citizenship 

Education Philosopy

My philosophy regarding education is to embrace your strengths and accept your weaknesses.  You have to accept that you may have areas of need, before you can work to fix the areas of need.  Nobody's perfect at everything.  Everyone encounters struggles during the learning process in some content area, on a classroom project, or etc.  I am not asking my students to be perfect.....I am just asking my students to work hard and give their very best each day. Hard work can carry a person a long way in life. Whatever one may lack in skills, can usually be balanced out through hard work. Learning can be difficult, but the reward is SWEET when you finally master something that has been difficult for you. I tell my students to always be honest about their math academic needs, because I can't help them if they aren't honest about their math academic needs. I believe in JUST BEING REAL. It's okay to be real in my math classroom.


Whitney Rockwell




1.  Be Respectful-Treat your classmates and teacher with respect

2.  Raise your hand if you have a question or comment

3.  Be on Time

4.  Keep your work area neat

5.  No standing or walking around the classroom without permission from the teacher




1.  Sharpen your pencil before class begins

2.  Take restroom break before coming to class (be on time)



failure to follow rules and procedures will result in the following consequences:

1.  Verbal Reminder

2.  One-on-one discussion with the student about his or her behavior

3.  Parent Contact via Phone Call

4. Sent to the office (principal or assistant principal will handle it from that point)




Whitney Rockwell

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