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About Intervention/W.I.N

What exactly is Intervention?


Intervention is a simple yet complex concept for many educators, parents, and students to wrap their minds around.  Response To Intervention, most commonly referred to as RTI is a three tiered model used to address the needs of struggling students.  Nationally, math intervention is not as heavily implemented or researched as much as reading intervention, so there is still a learning curve for educators to address as far as math intervention is concerned.  Here at Harts Bluff, we make intervention a top priority.  I, as the math interventionist, am always educating myself on new methods and research to implement into my math intervention classroom and to share with my colleagues. 



Whitney Rockwell




Still.....How exactly does intervention work?

The process of intervention is as followed.....

  • I give the student an initial assessment in order to obtain some type of information highlighting their areas of need and their strengths
  • I make curriculum adjustments based off of the initial assessment results and implement the intervention to address the areas of need
  • I monitor the student's progress in his or her areas of need through biweekly assessments and classwork



 Q:  What resources do I use in my classroom?


A.  Whatever that works.  BUT if you would like to know some names, here are a few..........

  • Prodigy
  • Multiplication Dot Com
  • Math-Aids



Whitney Rockwell

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